The ugly truth: TRAVEL

If you’re like me who’s a frequent (and experience) traveller, here’s the thing. You might think that what people say travelling with kids are difficult is wrong (as you’re an experience traveller), think again. I mean seriously think again or maybe you’re just saying it too early.

When I first travelled with my baby when she was 8 weeks old mind you I was travelling solo, I couldn’t be any happier as she was a breeze to travel with. She slept the whole 16 hours journey, didn’t cry out loud (only when she was hungry and I was too slow in giving her milk), not a single problem. It was me who couldn’t sleep the whole time worried about her (pre-baby I can fall asleep in a second when I’m on the plane). Then I thought, what was the fuss about, it was all so easy – people offered help as much as they could when they saw me alone, my baby was behaving the whole flight. Then I continued my routine of travelling every month for short breaks.

By the time we reached her first birthday, she has travelled 11 countries. When she started walking just before 12 months, the struggle started to make a show. Oohh did I mention that she is an active baby??  Whenever we travelled she refused to sit still especially during the take off/landing where she has to be on my lap with the seat belt on. She wriggled a lot but that was still manageable. I have to let her walk along the aisle, crawling up the stairs to the first class suite (despite being told off few times), disturbing the stewards and stewardess doing their job, you name it. I mean they say they don’t mind but seriously they’re trying to do some real work here.

The last time I travelled was our weekend trip to Palermo with my husband, and she was around 15 months. This time it hit me that she has become a hard work to travel with even when I wasn’t flying alone. Crying baby on the plane??? Yup that’s us! She refused to sit during the take off/landing and screamed her heart out, refused the boobs, water, food and anything just to get her off from the seat belt. Some people tried to advise me to give her something to suck on, maybe the ear pressure is hurting her yadiyadiya…guess what – that’s not what it is!!! Did I tell you that she was overtired and refused to sleep? Three f***ing hours was really a long journey ever with a cranky baby/toddler.

But will it make me ever stop travelling? The answer is NO. I love travelling and this will not break my spirit and I will take her anywhere I go as much as I can be it embarrassing or not. I just have to keep in mind that she’s a kid you can’t expect her to behave and keep a straight face when someone gives you a nasty look. The next time someone says my baby is easy to travel with – don’t hold your breath there peeps. Your time will come. I shall warn you.  XX

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  1. Khalida says:

    Good job sistur


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