Growing up

Hmmm, how do I start this topic? People say kids grow up very fast, well they actually do. The day feels very long, and the night feels even longer but the year goes very quickly. When I was pregnant I bought very little clothes for up to 3 months and loads of 6-12 months thinking that 6 months is a long way to go so she won’t need that for sometime. Guess what? We ended up not wearing up to 3 months clothes because it was either too small for her or she was so delicate that I didn’t dare to squeeze her little hands and legs into those tiny clothes. At 8 weeks, I took her to very first long haul travel as a mom to spend my maternity leave back home. I must say she was very enthusiast to move around as she started rolling over before reaching 3 months.

And when she reached 5 months and started crawling it was all gone too fast. The next thing is to feed her solids, then standing up, cruising and then walking. It all happened in the first year. Sounds hectic right? But what I realised after 6 months of being a mom, the time just flies so very quickly.

They also started to show their personality; a mom friend once told me that you will see a difference in your baby after her first birthday. I didn’t quite understand what she meant…till the day my baby starts her tantrum. Took her off from the shower…tantrum, didn’t get to feed herself…tantrum, took the keys off from her…tantrum, she didn’t know what she wants…tantrum. And she’s not even two? This was a shock for me as I didn’t prepare myself for this and wasn’t expecting it to come from her as I thought she’s a well behaved baby (knowing her for the last 16 months). Well, clearly not?!?!

But I’m sure this is just a phase (at least I’d like to think like that).

She knows a few things now; the tone of voice, cuddles, bath time, going out…I’m dreading the day she talks…how chatterbox she will be probably like her daddy? I love the cuddles I get from her, and the extra cuddles I get everytime I nurse her. I expected her eating will improved but it’s still a hit and miss but I won’t stress myself over it. I know she catches up on it when she does eat. Like I said, it’s a phase…it’s not easy being a baby a lot of things are going on in their tiny bubble life.

And fret not, they will all just pass by you and the next thing you know is that you’ll miss them being so little and dependent on you (well this is what I think it’ll be for me being an extra clingy mom). XX


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  1. Khamelia Azhar says:

    Hi! Nice write up!!


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