Have you ever been in that situation when you’re comparing how your child is doing with other people’s kid and then starts to worry crazily that your child isn’t well performed? Come one let’s be honest…we ALL have! Be it how much they weigh, what age they started walking/talking, potty trained, how well they are eating, breastfeed/formula milk, when they started to read, to even how you gave birth!

I mean it’s okay for you to be a proud mom, but that doesn’t mean other kids who are not performing as well as your kids are losers or even worse starts to reflect on the parents themselves.

Some moms compare how natural they gave birth to their kids, and some are proud that they can afford expensive private hospital bills of having a caesarean birth. This then continues to how much your baby weigh when they were born, and it seems like a competition to how much they weigh growing up. I know my husband gets worried that our baby is not as chunky as he wants, and when the family starts commenting by looking at the picture that my baby has lost weight. I mean seriously??? Are you a psychic? Can you tell people’s weight by looking at their pictures? What if I edited the picture and put loads of filter on it? Can you still guess it? It puts a lot of pressure on moms indirectly because us moms will start to worry that what if there is something wrong with my child?

When the first baby in my group started walking at 9 months, I was getting really anxious and worried why my baby hasn’t started or not even showing a sign of walking. Then I thought why stress over it, she’ll walk when she’s ready! Just before her first birthday my baby started walking, and I must say she’s handful now. But the comments I got before that were really oblivious. Some relatives also suggested seeing a doctor? Excuse me? Are you trying to say something here?

The truth is no one cares. And it doesn’t even matter. It’s just the society we live in now these days are making us worrying over useless things. Your kid is not going to be measured by what age they started walking, or how you gave birth to them.

The bottom line here is that when you start comparing your child with others, that’s when the problem arise. You’ll start noticing things are going wrong with your child when in fact there isn’t any! Trust your mom instincts, that’s why they say mom knows better. My take is to take the comments as an advice instead of stressing over it. XX


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