Has it ever occurred to you that motherhood is a full time job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no break in between? When you’re around them it’s your job to look after them, and when you’re not around them it’s also your job to virtually or mentally to look after them. Sounds exhausting isn’t it?

While I was pregnant people say let the daddy takes care of the baby equally as much as you do; it sounds easier than done. When the baby comes out, although the dads get paternity leave to be with or help you go through the journey, the truth is once the baby is out from your belly, whether you realise or not it’s your job 100% 24/7. You’ll worry even when they’re fast asleep! And the dads…they’ll just snore through the night!

When everyone else is around that can look after your kids while you’re doing other stuffs, they keep on crying back to you as if no one is there to help them with what they’re stuck with. I mean I love that I get the priority in her life, but hey I need to get the dinner ready for you and your daddy!

Then comes this guilt when it’s time to go back to work. Am I doing the right thing leaving the baby and missing the growing up, the first smiles, the first steps, yadiyadiya… Should I just quit my job and get stuck with the baby round the clock… The crisis being a mommy is real.

If you’re not going back to work then this guilt comes around when you want to have a little break and leaving your kids to your parents/childcare/or the dads. To be honest, I’m clearly a clingy mom and love my baby to bits and I miss her when I leave her more than 2 hours to have a little me time; but why do I feel guilty to have my own breaks.

Have you ever had to ask ‘favour’ from your other half to ‘babysit’ your kids even though in reality they are equally responsible too? They’ll say they’ll look after them and they totally do, don’t get me wrong; but why does this feeling of guilt and worrysome of little things that dads will miss out while looking after the kids comes out of nowhere, while you’re enjoying and you’re totally ruining the moment and rush back home to see the kids, when they are totally fine with their dads? With the dads, they’ll skip a bath, eat junk food, sleep way past their bed time…the list goes on and on and on. It happens once in awhile but why does it has to ruin the break that we deserve to have? In my case, the daddy keeps on asking me where do I put the nappies, clothes, what should he feed her etc…How am I supposed to enjoy the favour you’ve offered me?

Like I said, it’s 24/7 job even with your absence.

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