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People posted on social media a photo of their children with a caption of ‘my life’, ‘my everything’ or anything that is so cheesy and obsessive. I used to think aren’t they bored posting the same thing? Don’t they have anything else to post? Aren’t the people who viewed it think that these people who post the same thing over and over again are so obsessed with their own personal life?

Now it hit me. She really is ‘my life’, ‘my everything’, ‘my heartbeat’. I’m slowly becoming those moms who post every single thing about their child. How she walks, eats, laughs. I mean every. single. damn. thing. Including this blog!

So what’s so interesting posting about a walking baby, a talking baby, a jumping child, children’s artwork…

I get it now. It’s actually the memories and only the parents know the feeling of what their child has achieved.

And not to forget how proud they are being able to raise a human from a tiny embryo to every milestones in their life.

You only understand when you have your own child.

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  1. khamy says:

    great content. loving it xx


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