Helper or no helper…It’s really difficult topic to decide. When I was pregnant I was 100% sure I was gonna get a helper once the baby arrive. There’s so many things to do at once so a helper would really help.

I had in mind that a helper will look after my baby when I go back to work; someone to clean and cook and generally do everything while I just put my feet up when I get back from work at my own convenient time. Someone to look after my baby at nights and weekends while I just chill out and have my own life.

But towards the end, I decided not to have one. Part of me is maybe because I’m a perfectionist. I think no one can look after my household the way I do, no one can look after my baby the way I do. As much as I needed someone to help, I would love to go back early from work to play with my baby, spend my weekends uninterrupted with her despite the house being a chaos…nothing else matters I just couldn’t care less. Call me insane but I love doing things on my own way at my own time. I mean I do moan when the house is a mess and only me who cleans up and seems to be doing everything at home. Sometimes I think I could do with a helper but at times I just hate having a ‘stranger’ around me the whole time asking her to do something every 2 minutes.

Call me a clingy mom but I love looking after her by myself; I couldn’t bare the thoughts that my baby will be attached to the helper instead of me. I couldn’t bare the thoughts that I will miss every joy (and not so joy) seconds that the helper is having with my baby when it should have been me. I have in mind that I do not want my child to grow up being dependent on the helper and I want her to learn to do things on her own or offer help and being useful when she grows up. Maybe it’s just me…

Having a helper really is useful for some people. Everyone has their own way of raising their kids be it with or without a helper. Maybe for now I’m happy without one but who knows if I change my mind later if our family expands?

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